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15+ Living Room Ideas - Home Decor Ideas for Living Room

Living Room Ideas - If you want to find out about someone's Design visual, look no more than their living room. One of the most often visited spots in the home—to be rivalled just by the kitchen—a living room sets the tone for the remainder of the house. Moreover, while some might think about it as simply a "cosy corner," the living room is also a great place to try out strong colour combinations, excellent carpets, and a variety of illuminating lights. (Or, for another way to tremble up your space, springtime for a brand-new couch or armchair.)

Decorating Ideas for Living Room Ideas
Brittany Ambridge

The just problem? There are so many ways for you to decorate this shared space. So if you are looking for some inspiration, we at ELLE Decor have brushed through our newest home tours and are highlighting the very best living rooms for you here. This collection of living room design plans is ensured to trigger your home ideas from a pattern-powered pad in New York City to a worldwide inspired space in Colombia. These luxury living room ideas also show that careful planning and a dedication to creativity can go a lengthy way.

1. True Blue living room

Living Room Ideas
Simon Upton

It is not surprising that the living room packs the "wow" factor of this house on Manhattan's Top Eastern Side. Developer Stephen Sills paired the bright Lee Jofa wallcovering with a Louis XIV marble mantel and vintage French chairs curtained in a Clarence House silk.

2. Chic London Living Room Design

Living Room Ideas
Stephan Julliard

Years after its last refurbishment in 1991, a widely known Kuwaiti family employed developer Nebihe Cihan to fix their charming London level. Cihan used sculptural information and a jewel-toned couch from Minotti to give the space a contemporary edge—without removing its great background.

3. Upper West Side Living Room

Living Room Ideas
Brittany Ambridge

Danielle Colding accomplished her trademark "cosy cool" search in this prewar house on Manhattan's Top West Side. The crisp white living room is secured by a couch from Jayson Home and a Papilio chair, producing a sanctuary of simpleness, ease, and eclecticism.

4. Cozy Upstate Living Room Design

Living Room Ideas
Stephen Kent Johnson

Three years after a terminate damaged out in the rear of his home, developer Shawn Henderson brought back his upstate New York space to be a relaxing escape from the big city. This tiny living room is undeniably serene, many thanks to a Kaare Klint couch, a chair by Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist, and a flexible mixed drink table thanks to Frits Henningsen.

5. Cartagena Living Room

Living Room Ideas
Ricardo Labougle

Think about Chiqui de Echavarría's Colombian home as a passport-free way to travel the globe. With a vintage bench from India, Southern Africa-sourced paints, and a Spanish Colonial couch in a Palma de Mallorca fabric, this brick-clad living room has a real global side.

6. Hudson Valley Living Room

Living Room Ideas
Frank Frances

Sheila Bridges took her Hudson Valley, New York, living room to new elevations (literally) with a mobile she co-designed with Elizabeth Parker. Completing the room is a Hammertown Barn couch, a classic side table, and a fireplace by Ortal.


Living Room Ideas
Francesco Lagnese

Developer Tom Scheerer included some uptown luxury to this Manhattan house with a 1950s Danish work desk by Jacob Kjaer and fabrics from Holland & Sherry, Borderline, and Kravet. With a neutral backdrop—as well as the periodic pops of green and blue—this living room is both elegant and diverse.


Living Room Ideas
G L Askew II

Developer Ernest de la Torre upgraded this Tudor-style home in Bel Air, built by Hollywood architect Paul R. Williams in 1934—with modern charisma. A classic Jean Royère chair and a carpet by Edward Areas soften the sleek space.


Living Room Ideas
Francesco Dolfo

When restoring her house in Tbilisi, Georgia, interior developer Eka Papamichael juxtaposed the space's abundant Art Nouveau architecture with a classic mixed drink table, a Murano glass ceiling necklace, and couches by Gervasoni.


Living Room Ideas
Fabien Charuau

Srila Chatterjee and Mahesh Mathai put their strong visual on complete display in their Mumbai living room. The vibrant purple wall surfaces are coupled with flea-market discovers, a tiger sculpture from Kerala, and a customized footrest and chairs.


Living Room Ideas
Roger Davies

Mixing two various designs in one space is an uphill struggle. When couples asked Natasha Baradaran to decorate their Santa Monica, California, home, she filled the living room with various fabrics in an easy, neutral colour combination. The outcome? The perfect compromise between bohemian and Art Deco.


Living Room Ideas
Simon Upton

At this 16th-century retreat outside Siena, Italy, brought back by Hubert Zandberg, more is more. The developer included a significant dosage of colour right into the living room, covering the furnishings in fabrics from Mulberry and de Le Cuona.


Living Room Ideas
Andrea Ferrari

Being neck-deep in a digestive tract renovation—in the middle of the pandemic, no less—can feel frustrating. However, Dimorestudio's Emiliano Salci transformed his new Milan house right into a staged home. He provided his pigmented living room with vintage discovers and items from his home-furnishings brand name, Dimoremilano.


Living Room Ideas
Christopher Stark

When designing his San Francisco home, Antonio Martins travelled down memory lane for inspiration. From a gallery wall surface of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century portraits to the sleek RH, Remediation Equipment mixed drink table, his living room bridges the space between old and new.


Living Room Ideas
Alanna Hale

As the magnate behind 1 Resorts and the Baccarat Resort, Barry Sternlicht brings a well-equipped eye to his friendliness endeavours. So it just fits that his home complies with the fit. Sternlicht gives his Miami Coastline living room the first-rate therapy with a Jean de Cheerful armchair, side tables from MS Ceramic Design, and a couch protected in Loro Piana fabric.


Living Room Ideas
Gianni Franchellucci

When Lucinda Loya was touched to design style model Maya Henry's London level, she wanted to fill the chilly space with many personalities. From the fringed Munna chairs to a candy-coated colour combination, this living room feels womanly and edgy in equal measure.

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